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CTXchange is the UK partner of TechSoup Global. Many nonprofits and social benefit organizations worldwide serve the needs of low-income, underserved populations and create positive social change. We believe these organizations could have even greater impact through the appropriate use of technology. This requires assistance with obtaining, using, and sustaining technology. 

In an innovative strategic partnership, Microsoft, TechSoup Global, and others are developing a global technology platform for the voluntary sector. As part of their commitment to the this sector, corporations such as Microsoft, Symantec, Adobe and Cisco use this platform to provide donations, at scale, to worthy organizations around the globe. Recipient organizations benefit from the consolidation of many donation programs into one, and further benefit from the wide range of training, collaboration, and support provided by TechSoup Global and its partner organizations. 

TechSoup Global, which was formerly known as TechSoup--is one of the oldest and largest nonprofit technology assistance agencies in the United States. For almost twenty years, TechSoup.org has served as a one-stop technology resource centre, providing a wealth of technology information and support to nonprofits and charities worldwide.

Each month, TechSoup.org receives more than 400,000 visits from organizations in over 190 countries. These visitors come seeking technology information and advice--and a technology community. The TechSoup Global programs are now available locally in many countries through a growing network of partner NGOs, a network that the pngo name now joins. See www.TechSoupGlobal.org/countries for more information.

TechSoup Country is a collaborative effort by the PNGO and Techsoup Global.  We thank Microsoft in particular for their funding and essential support of the global platform on which TechSoup country is built, and we are grateful to all of our product donors, funders, and supporters for making TechSoup country a reality. 

TechSoup Country Product Donations Program

TechSoup country provides access to top-rated software donations from over XX major technology providers, such as: Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco Systems and Symantect hrough the TechSoup country Product Donations program.

Technology Community & Learning

We invite you to join the TechSoup Country  technology community by getting involved locally with Net Tuesdays, interactive learning events held throughout country on the first Tuesday of each month.

TechSoup Global provides access to online resources and community support through the TechSoup forums, the TechSoup Blog, and TechSoup in Second Life.

A wealth of technology learning resources are available online on the TechSoup Global site. Learning resources are organized by subject, and written for all budgets and levels of technical expertise.

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